La Tomatina stands as Spain’s most renowned festivity and unfolds in Buñol, Valencia, Spain, occurring annually on the final Wednesday of August.
For those seeking an unforgettable summer escapade, secure your Tomatina passes today. Moreover, explore an array of accessories to amplify the enjoyment of your day.
What Happens at La Tomatina Contrary to common belief, La Tomatina is not merely about hurling tomatoes; rather, it encompasses a day brimming with diverse activities commencing at 9 a.m. with a delightful luncheon courtesy of the Buñol City Council.

At 10 a.m., the much-anticipated «Palo Jabón» contest kicks off. A greased pole topped with a tempting ham awaits challengers. Will anyone triumph over the slippery ordeal and claim the coveted prize?

If the ham proves elusive, release your pent-up energy by partaking in the tomato-throwing extravaganza, the highlight event of the day. Following the «Palo Jabón,» around noon, commences the globally renowned showdown: La Tomatina!

What Does My Ticket Entail?

Depending on your selected package, your ticket may include:

  • Admission Ticket to La Tomatina
  • Battle Accessories
  • Paella and Sangría
  • Tomatina After Party
  • Storage Locker
  • Commemorative T-shirt

    Will you dare to miss out on La Tomatina?
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