The most enjoyable day of summer:
Tomatina Kids

Tomatina is not just a celebration for adults, now children can also take part in the event known as Tomatina Kids.

The future of this event is secured with the seventh edition of the «Tomatina Infantil,» a children’s version of the Tomatina festival. This year, in 2024, the event will take place on August 24th at 12 in the morning. Where? In the main square of Buñol («Plaza del Pueblo» Buñol).

La Tomatina Infantil was established in 2013 as an opportunity for children to experience La Tomatina just like adults do. This festival is exclusively for children aged 4 to 14 and is held on the last Saturday of August. The duration of this «mini-battle» is approximately 30-40 minutes.

The rules of the battle mirror those of the original Tomatina.

Don’t forget to bring towels, clean clothes, and swimming goggles. Children are more sensitive to the acidity of tomatoes.

This mini-party recreates the grand celebration on a smaller scale, with adjustments made for safety and enjoyment.

Finally, access to Tomatina Infantil is free, and, of course… having fun is mandatory!

Bring your children to enjoy this «appetizer» for the main event: La Tomatina 2024!

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